Here’s Why Therapists Need to Have a Blog

Many therapists don’t view themselves as business owners, but if you’re in private practice, that’s exactly what you are. And as a business owner, it’s important to market yourself.

This may feel uncomfortable, but it’s necessary. And the main way that businesses market themselves these days is online.

This is where hiring a copywriter who can capture your voice and who knows their way around things like SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for your therapy business.

Many people are looking to the internet for resources now more than ever. You’re probably providing telehealth and meeting with your clients online. Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a copywriter who can provide resources, such as blogs, to your clients and potential clients on the internet.

Copywriters write all kinds of things: website content, newsletters, email sequences, opt-ins, social media posts, and blogs. My personal favorite type of copy to write is blogs. Blogs are a great way to connect with your clients and provide resources and tools for them.

Why You Should Write a Blog Consistently

Blogs serve several purposes. The first is back to a marketing strategy, which is boosting your SEO. SEO essentially is what ranks you higher in a Google search and makes your website more visible.

The more visible you are, the more potential clients will find you. Then it’s the job of your copywriter to write compelling website copy to get these potential clients to want to work with you. And they can’t do that if they can’t find you.

Besides being a marketing tool, blogs are also a great way to connect directly with your client base. Blogs should be written consistently, at least once a week. The reason for this is two-fold.

The first reason is that a regularly updated blog posted at least 4 times a month will boost your SEO big time. The second reason is that if you’re producing content that people care about on a regular basis, your clients are more likely to feel connected to you, and your potential clients are more likely to want to sign up for your services.

The key to SEO is relevance and consistency. You want to produce content that your readers need to read. You also, as previously mentioned, want to produce consistent content that ranks you higher on Google and connects you to your clients. It makes you seem reliable to post regular content every week on the same day of the week so that people know what to expect from you.

How You Can Help Your Clients With a Blog

You don’t have a blog just for the fun of it, although writing a blog certainly is fun. At least, it’s fun for me as a copywriter. I love writing blogs. I love helping you make connections with your clients and people who visit your websites in a way that you normally don’t get to.

Blogs can be a lot of different things. They can be written to inform people of things they may not be aware of, such as the benefits of a certain type of therapy you provide or symptoms to look out for when dealing with depression.

Even a blog that informs can be a marketing tool. No matter how informative they are, blogs should always have a call to action (CTA). They can get a person to sign up for a session or opt-in to your email list. Blogs should always end with a CTA to get people to do something.

Another way that blogs can be used as a marketing tool is through SEO. A blog that is well SEO-optimized can help rank you higher in a Google search. Or rather, consistently updated blogs can do that.

The important part about writing a well-optimized blog is using keywords and keyword phrases, called longtail keywords, that tells Google what to search for. Copywriters know how to use keywords to optimize your blogs and drive traffic to your site.

Once people land on your website, you want them to stay and read. You want their engagement and ultimately their business. When I’m looking for a therapist and I see that they have a consistently updated, relevant blog, I’m much more likely to consider signing up for a session with them than if they don’t have one or they have one that hasn’t been updated in a year.

This is because when I see that they have a consistently updated blog with information that I can relate to, I want to know more about them. If your copywriter does their job right, the blogs are engaging and speak directly to me. I feel as if I know you a little before we’ve even spoken.

Connect With Your Audience

It may be hard to think that you have an “audience,” but as someone with a website, everyone who visits your site is your audience. That includes both current and potential clients. You want your blogs to speak to both.

Your blog should reflect who you are as a therapist and the services you offer. Right now, you should take advantage of your blog and use it as an opportunity to educate as well as market. You can highlight the benefits of the services you offer through stories and case studies.

Blogs give you the opportunity to talk about different topics related to the services you offer. Let’s say you’re a marriage and family therapist. You can use your blog to write about how to cope with being home with your family all the time during this pandemic. Or dating in the time of Covid-19. Or what to do now that you’ve decided to get divorced but are stuck together in quarantine.

These are just a few examples of what you could write about. The possibilities are endless! And a good copywriter knows just how to write your blogs in your voice in a way that engages the readers but also ranks you higher in a Google search at the same time. You’re getting more bang for your buck by hiring a copywriter to do the writing for you!

Here’s What To Do Next!

Now that you know WHY you should have a blog, let’s talk about HOW you get a blog that does everything I’ve just described.

Hire a copywriter who specializes in writing for mental health professionals. It’s as simple as that. You’ll work closely with your copywriter to make sure the blog reflects your voice and you’ll, of course, have editing power.

And you’re in luck because I just happen to be that copywriter! So contact me and let’s find a time to talk about how we can work together! Happy blogging!

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