Why Emails Build Platforms Better Than Social Media

You’re working on growing your audience. You’ve set yourself up on all the social media platforms. You post content regularly. Maybe you even hired a mental health copywriter to write social media ads for you. But what about using emails to build a platform?

Social media is unpredictable. Popularity of platforms come and go. It takes a long time to build an audience just through social media. Ads will help, but they don’t last and you have to keep paying for them over and over again.

Email Lists Are Your Golden Ticket To Building A Platform

With an email list, you can build your following. Have your copywriter write opt-ins and ebook “freebies” to get people on your email list. This can be anything that you think your potential clients want. Tips on how to manage anxiety. Meditation guides. Tips on how to manage stress during a pandemic. You name it, your copywriter can make it.

You should use your freebie as the hook. The potential client only gets the freebie if they sign up for your email list. BAM! You just landed another potential client and audience member. Look at you using email to build your platform!

Then have your copywriter write some killer email sequences that automatically get sent to your audience. There’s usually a welcome email that gets sent right after the person opts in to the list. Then there are the automated emails that go out once every day for 3-5 days following the initial opt-in. That’s where you give them more info and reasons to sign up for your services. Plug your blogs and YouTube videos. Add your social media channels to the bottom of the email. Build that audience up every way you can!

Once you’ve established your email list you can continue that relationship through email newsletters. This is actually an ongoing process as you grow your audience and your business. Newsletters can go out as often or as little as you’d like. I recommend at least twice a month, but a monthly newsletter is fine if that’s all you can afford. As a mental health copywriter who works with a lot of therapists during a pandemic, I know that funds are limited. 

Work with what you’ve got. But you should be putting time, energy, and money into emails and newsletters. It’s the best way to grow your audience and build your platform.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, branding is incredibly important for any business owner. Private practices and therapy clinics are no different. You are your brand, and your brand needs a platform and an audience.

Who’s Your Audience?

Performers know how to build their audiences. Or at least, their producers do. Be the producer of your own business.

Know who your target audience is. Who is your ideal client? Market to them. Remember, if you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one.

Take a Broadway show, for instance. There are shows like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child who speak to a very specific audience of Harry Potter fans. Is someone who prefers classic musicals going to pay $400 to see two plays about some wizards they care nothing about? Of course not!

A classic musical, like The Music Man, is going to attract a different audience. Middle-aged women who remember the original and grew up watching the movie are going to pay Broadway priced tickets to go see that. Your average 30-year-old, unless they know musicals or care about the actors in it, will probably be seeing Hamilton down the street.

So, are you Harry Potter? The revival of The Music Man? Or Hamilton?

Know which one you are and market to your audience!

Actually Building Your Platform With Emails

Once you know what you are and who’s going to come to you, then you can market yourself to your appropriate audience. If you know your target demographic is women in their late twenties to late thirties, you wouldn’t send emails about the top ten stressors for men.

Instead, you’re targeting their pain points. What does a millennial woman struggle with? What are her desires? How does she want the world to perceive her? What does she need help with the most?

Answering these questions separates the good branders from the bad ones. You want to be a therapist who knows how to brand yourself. In order to do that, you need to know who your ideal client is. That’s your target audience. 

And that’s why you hire a mental health copywriter who knows how to write emails and opt-ins that do that for you. Your email list is your audience, and your emails are your stage. 

Use Those Emails to Build Your Platform!

Now that you know that your platform is your stage, get on up there and sing to your audience! You’ve identified your ideal client and your target audience. Now it’s time to hire a mental health copywriter who can write those lyrics for you.

I’ll stop with the theater analogies, but seriously. It’s time to bring your branding to your email marketing campaign so you can build your platform. Social media is great, and you should do that too, but if you had to pick one thing, one way to reach people, it should be through email.
Your next step is to hire a mental health copywriter who knows how to write to your target audience. Contact me to set up a call to figure out what your pain points are and how we can work together to create copywriting magic for you. Happy platform-building!

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