5 Reasons I Love Writing Blog Posts for Therapists

I enjoy my job as a copywriter very much. I mostly write website copy, newsletters, emails and blogs for my clients. My favorite piece of copy to write, however, is blogs.

Blogs are versatile. They inform, they convert, they are a resource for my therapist clients’ clients. They also keep me connected to the world of therapy, a world that was my home for two years of graduate school and five years of professional work.

When I became a copywriter, I knew I wanted to write for therapists, and the one type of copy that I was most familiar with was blogs. While I’ve grown a lot since I started and now am comfortable writing other types of copy, like websites and newsletters, my first love is still blogs.

Here are five reasons why I love writing blog posts for therapists.

1. Blog Posts Are Fun to Write

When I started writing I actually started with a personal blog. I didn’t know what copywriting was at the time, I just knew I liked to write and tell stories. Writing comes naturally to me, and I find it enjoyable to tell stories.

Now I write for other people and tell their stories. And it’s fun. I get to learn about all different topics related to the field of therapy. I write in different therapists’ voices, which means I get to practice writing from different angles.

I also love writing like I talk, which is what copywriting is. If I get to combine my love for storytelling, writing and talking about topics that I care about, sign me up!

2. I Get to Research a Plethora of Blog Topics for Therapists

Good copywriters are good researchers. We spend a lot of time researching topics for our clients. You’ve got to really love researching to be a copywriter. Luckily, I’m one of the nerds who do! 

When I was in graduate school I was one of the only people in my class who chose to do a research-based thesis rather than a non-research-based literature review or some other capstone option. I truly enjoyed researching a topic I cared about thoroughly.

I actually have fun looking up the most recent, relevant and reputable sources for blog posts that I write. I enjoy deep-diving into a topic only to come out on the other side with great sources, relevant information and a killer, well-researched blog post for my clients.

3. Blogs Inform as Well as Convert

Before I became a copywriter I was a content writer for therapists. Content writing is different from copywriting because content writing simply informs. Copywriting, however, gets people to act

As a content writer, I wrote blogs for therapists. It was similar to what I do now, except the blogs I wrote for my former clients didn’t help them rank higher in Google. They didn’t get people to sign up for services or opt-in to an email list. They didn’t get people to engage.

I’m proud of what I wrote as a content writer, but now I feel as if I’m doing something more important. I’m making a difference in my client’s lives. I’m helping them market themselves in a profession that doesn’t necessarily think about marketing. I’m not just writing for the sake of putting thoughts into the world. I’m writing for conversion.

4. Writing Blogs for Therapists Keeps Me in the World of Therapy

I was a therapist for five years. When I stopped practicing therapy I was worried that I threw away my degree. I hold an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling. I am a registered dance/movement therapist (R-DMT) and when I first left the world of therapy I really missed it.

My identity up to that point had been tied to being a therapist, specifically a dance/movement therapist. When I left the field for mental health reasons, I felt like I had failed and wasted a lot of time and money. 

When I found copywriting, I learned that I could write for mental health professionals. I now write for all types of therapists, including dance/movement therapists and other creative arts therapists such as music and art therapists.

One of the reasons I love writing blogs so much is that I get to stay connected to my roots as a therapist without the personal strain of practicing therapy anymore, something that in the end caused a lot of health issues. 

5. Blogs Are a Good Resource for Therapists’ Clients

These days, everyone is online. We talk to our friends online. We do research online. Due to COVID-19, we have therapy sessions and doctor’s appointments online.

It’s important for therapists to keep up with the times. They need an excellent website and a blog that can be used as a resource

Therapists can write about all sorts of things in their blogs. They can talk about the benefits of a certain type of therapy on specific diagnoses. They can write about how the therapy they provide addresses current topics like racism and COVID-19.

Blogs are one way that therapists can connect with their clients and provide resources for them online. 

Writing Blogs for YOU

Now that we’ve established that I love writing blogs, let’s talk about how I can write blogs for you. If you have a private practice and are a therapist of any kind, I want to talk to you. I want to write for you. I want to learn your voice and help you provide your clients online resources. I want to help boost your SEO and rank you higher in Google.
Visit my contact page or send me an email at allielinnwrites@gmail.com to get started on a blog-writing journey with a blog nerd!

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