What I Do When I Write Blogs For Therapists

I love copywriting, and I love therapy. As a former therapist, there’s nothing I like to research more than therapeutic techniques, neuroscience related to trauma, and everything in between.

As a copywriter, a lot of my job is researching, so I picked a niche that I knew I wouldn’t grow tired of. What I love about copywriting, besides the freedom it gives me, is that I get to inhabit different therapist’s voices and write about things they care about, the things they want to share with their clients.

Writing Blogs for Therapists

As a therapist, you’re constantly trying to stay relevant and up-to-date on all the latest research. If you have a website, you need to make sure you also have a blog. Blogs are one of the best ways to connect with your audience, whether that’s potential or current clients. Maybe you even want to reach other therapists.

When people go to your website they want to see what you’re about, who you are and what you believe in. Blogs let people see what you’re up to and what you care about.

Blogs are also marketing tools

Marketing With a Blog

You may not realize you need marketing, or maybe it feels icky to market yourself and your therapeutic services. I understand that. But I also understand the importance of marketing for a small business. 

If you want to bring in more clients, you need to market yourself. And in this day and age, you need to market yourself online.

Blogs are a great way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO), which is what ranks you higher in a Google search. If you post consistent and relevant blogs, you’ll be on your way to the first page of Google. But you need to know how to write SEO-optimized blogs.

That’s why you hire a copywriter. 

Copywriters know how to take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into words that both inform as well as sell. Marketing for therapists looks a little different than marketing for, say, beauty products, because you’re not selling a thing, you’re selling your services.

When you write an SEO-optimized blog, you always want to write for three people: the skimmer, the digger, and Google. Copywriters know how to write for all three, and we do it well.

The other thing you always need when you write an SEO-optimized blog is a call to action (CTA). You want to get people to do something. That might be something simple, like signing up for your email list. This is nice, but what you really want is people signing up for your services.

Blogs That Sell

When you hire a copywriter to write a blog for you, you’re getting a well-written, well-researched piece of writing. You’re also getting a marketing strategy. Maybe most importantly, you’re getting your time back.

As a therapist, you don’t have time to keep up with writing a blog a week or even monthly newsletters and email sequences. You need to maintain your work-life balance as well as devote your time to your clients.

This is another reason why hiring a copywriter to write blogs and other types of copy is so important for therapists. It gives you your time back.

So what makes a good blog that sells?

The short answer is a blog that is relevant. You’ve heard me say this before when talking about SEO, but it’s true. Google looks for content that is relevant to your website. 

Aside from Google, you want to make sure you’re writing relevant content for your human readers. If you’re a trauma therapist for adults with PTSD you probably don’t want to write about how the creative arts can help children with autism regulate themselves. That’s a great blog topic, just not for someone who focuses on EMDR with veterans.

Blogs That Google Likes

Aside from writing relevant content you also want to make sure that you’re writing consistently. Google rewards consistently updated blogs, which boosts your SEO. The more you post, the stronger your SEO game is.

The other thing to think about when writing a blog that Google will crawl and reward you for is length. Google doesn’t recognize content that is less than 1,000 words, so you want to make sure your blogs are long enough to capture Google’s attention, but not too long that people click away.

This is another reason to hire a copywriter because we’re always writing for the skimmers out there. Headlines, sub-headers and keywords are just a few of the tools that copywriters use to write an awesome blog that both humans and Google will like.

A 1,000-word blog might sound long, but that translates into about a 4-5 minute read. So if you consider the people out there who will click on your blog (because you have a catchy headline that your copywriter wrote), you have to think about how much time people are willing to invest in reading.

If it’s well-written and engaging (and relevant), you might keep your readers’ attention for the entire length of the blog. But if you have some readers, and you know you do, who simply skim articles for important information before deciding whether to invest in reading, your copywriter needs to make sure they account for that person.

Writing for the skimmer means writing catchy headlines and sub-headers. If it’s a blog that’s along the lines of “X Number of Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Your Copywriter,” then you want to make sure the numbered sections stick out with the correct formatting.

Formatting is something that your copywriter will worry about, but it’s important that when you post your blog that you stick to the formatting. Your copywriter used italics and bold font for a reason. Those sub-headers are formatted so that they pop. You want to make sure you keep the blog intact the way it was written.

This doesn’t mean you don’t get a say. Most copywriters, including myself, will write a polished first draft of a piece and send it to you for a round of edits and comments. Then your copywriter will make any and all adjustments based on your feedback and send you the final piece.

How Can I Help You?

As a copywriter for therapists, I love writing blogs. They are one of my favorite things to write because I get to research new topics and write in your voice. I’m using psychology to write for you in order to connect with your readers who are, funnily enough, reading about psychology!

As a former therapist, I love getting to use my background in psychology in my writing, and I love writing for different types of therapists. To read more about why therapists should have a blog and how I can help you write one, check out one of my past blogs here.
If you like what you read and want to learn more about how I could write awesome blogs for you, contact me and set up a time to talk about your blogging needs! Happy writing!

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