Building a Strong Relationship With Your Copywriter

When you work with a copywriter for a while, you really get to know each other. You want a copywriter who knows your voice, who understands your preferences in style and formatting, who communicates well, and who gets you.

Just like in life, some people hit it off right away. Others take time to nurture and grow into a good working relationship.

Your mental health copywriter should: 

  • Understand the world of mental health
  • Be a good writer
  • Communicate clearly
  • Be clear about what you can expect when you work with them
  • Be invested in you and your work
  • Do the research needed to write for you and your vision
  • Leave you feeling like you’re in good hands

You’re paying a lot of money for someone else to write your words. You need to make sure you’re working with the right person.

How Do You Know If You’ve Got the Right Copywriter?

As a therapist, you understand the importance of the therapeutic relationship. Your client needs to feel safe with you. It’s no different when you’re working with a copywriter, except this time, you’re the client.

The relationship between a copywriter and their client is the most important part of the process. If you don’t feel comfortable with your copywriter, you’ve got the wrong one. You should feel seen, heard, and understood, just like you want your clients to feel. Even though it’s not therapy, the same rules apply.

If you walk away from a brainstorming session feeling jazzed about your next series of blogs, you’ve got the right copywriter. If you get off a Zoom call with your copywriter that was focused on your website copy and think: “Did they get everything they needed? What if they don’t get it right?” and they don’t deliver, then you need to find a new mental health copywriter. Sometimes you’e just got to trust your instincts.

The relationship should feel easy after a little while. In the beginning, you’re still getting to know one another. That first discovery call is like going on a first date. But after your third date or so you should have a good feel of the person and know whether or not you like them. Do you want to commit to a relationship with this person? That’s how you know.

How Should Communication Work?

Personally, I like to spend time on a few Zoom calls with my clients. My monthly retainer clients and I talk once a month to gear up for the next month of blogs and newsletters.

When I write for someone’s website I spend time with them on a Zoom call going through all the things they want to see on their website. It needs to sound like you, which is hard to do. That’s one of the reasons good copywriters are expensive- they bring so much value to the table.

After a couple of months, I find that my clients and I get into a good rhythm. They don’t need to explain their process or framework to me every time, I already know it. The more we’re on the same page, the less time they have to spend editing my work. The process gets faster and smoother.

You build a rapport over time by having face time with each other and communicating openly and regularly. I’m always clear about how payment works, what my process is like, and what they can expect from me. There are no surprises. 

It’s also important that your copywriter understands your process. I’m a very organized person and sometimes can be very literal. But I have some clients who are more easy-going, go-with-the-flow types. Strong communication is key in these cases so that everyone is on the same page. At the end of the day, the client needs to be happy with the work.

With my clients who I’ve been working with the longest, we’ve gotten to a point where we both get off a call feeling happy, accomplished, and we trust that we’re on the same page. I believe in open communication. I always ask my clients if I can email them with questions if something comes up while I’m researching and writing. 

It’s essential that you know each other’s communication styles. Some people don’t like a lot of emails and would rather hop on quick calls, and others don’t mind emails back and forth and then one long call to discuss everything all at once.

It’s not just important for your copywriter to know how they work, but you need to know how you work. Sometimes, no matter how good the writer is, the relationship will never work out because your styles of working are just too different.

It’s also important to set boundaries. While I always err on the side of more communication, I don’t want to be taking calls every other day. I don’t give my phone number out unless it’s absolutely necessary. One time my internet went down and I had to do our scheduled call by phone. That’s an extenuating circumstance. Otherwise, I communicate by email and schedule calls at least 2 days in advance, unless there’s an emergency and we need to hop on a call right away, which rarely ever happens.

Something else to think about when it comes to your relationship with your copywriter is: do you feel taken care of? You’re spending money on yourself, which is amazing and hard. You understand the value of investing in yourself and your business. But you want to make sure you’re being taken care of. Is your copywriter offering good customer service? Do they meet deadlines? Do they listen to you? Do they take their work seriously?

A good relationship with your copywriter starts from the discovery call. It’s a chance for you to get a feel for each other. You find out what your copywriter is like and if you like them, and your copywriter is doing the same. 

It’s not necessary to work with someone you would be friends with outside of the working relationship. But you do need to respect each other. You need to listen to your copywriter and trust in their expertise, and your copywriter needs to listen to you and make your vision come to life. Communication is the most important aspect of that relationship.

Working Together to Build a Strong Relationship

When you work with me, you not only get well-written copy, you get strong communication. I listen to you and make you feel seen and heard. Check out my testimonials to see that my clients feel that way too.

If you’re ready to build a relationship with a mental health copywriter who values your time and ideas, contact me to schedule a time to talk. Let’s build a strong working relationship together that makes you feel jazzed at the end of our sessions. Happy relationship-building!

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