What You Need to Know About Mental Health Copywriters

Mental health copywriters are different than many other types of copywriters out there. We’re not out to sell products the way copywriters who write for companies are. We write for therapists to help you provide resources to your clients. More importantly, we write to promote you and bring in new clients.

How Is Selling Different From Promoting?

I hear you, they sound the same. And in some cases they are. Or at least, they’re similar. Copywriters are marketers at heart. We write with your clients and Google in mind. Copywriters for therapists aren’t trying to sell you, we’re trying to grow your business by making you more visible.

One way we do that is through compelling website copy that grabs your audience’s attention. And let’s get something straight- we want to know who your audience is. We want you to be very specific about who you’re talking to. We can help you get there, but if you don’t know who you’re talking to, if you’re trying to reach everyone, then you’re actually talking to no one.

Another way we promote your services is through newsletters and email sequences. When someone opts into your email list, they’re signing up to receive communication. Email sequences are a great way to hook your audience. Newsletters are a great way to build a relationship with your audience. Both are awesome ways to get people interacting with you and your site. The ultimate goal: signing up for your services.

Copywriting for Therapists

Copywriting for therapists is different than writing for, say, real estate. Mental health copywriters aren’t writing rental descriptions or product descriptions. Instead, we’re writing resources for your clients. One way we do that is through blogs. 

With everyone doing everything online these days, especially since COVID-19, it’s important that you have a strong online presence. Copywriting for therapists is my favorite type of copy to write because it’s not just sales and marketing. It’s making personal connections.

I’m a therapist as well, and I love being able to write for therapists. It’s a way for me to stay connected to the field of mental health. You don’t have to hire a copywriter who is also a mental health professional, but it certainly helps.

I get you. I know the lingo. I know what types of research to do and where to look for reputable articles. And I have five years of clinical experience to add to my skillset.

Notice what I just did there. I promoted myself without trying to sell myself to you. I didn’t ask you to sign up for my email list or email me to set up a call to see if we’re a good fit. I’ll do that later, but I’ll do that when I write for you too. 

The key is to talk about yourself in a way that shows that you know what you’re doing throughout the piece. Let’s say you’re a music therapist and I’m writing a blog for you about how music therapy looks now in the age of COVID-19. I’m going to mention throughout the blog the name of your service and what you do at your business during this time as a music therapist.

How Are Mental Health Copywriters Different and Why Should I Hire One?

Copywriters for therapists, particularly ones who are therapists themselves, are experts in the field of mental health. We do the research, we listen to you, and we figure out your pain points. 

All copywriters do that, but copywriters who write for therapists are a special breed. We’re not concerned with sales, although we want you to succeed. We care about engagement and landing you more clients.

We do this by making you more visible in a Google search through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is incredibly important for every copywriter. Copywriters who write for therapists use SEO to help you get your website to the first page of Google. We do that by writing website copy and blogs that use keywords and all kinds of little tricks that get Google to recognize you.

Personally, I’ve moved quite a few clients from the depths of Google, beyond page five, all the way to page one within months. It does take a little time, but mental health copywriters are patient. Just like you are with your clients.

Mental Health Copywriters Care About You

I’m not saying other copywriters don’t care about their clients, but I’m genuinely invested in what my writing can do to help you. And by helping you, I’m helping your clients! Because I’m also a therapist, I care just as much about your clients as you do. I understand how special a therapeutic relationship is and I do everything I can through my writing to maintain and strengthen that relationship.

I also know what it’s like to search for a therapist. I want you to stand out from everyone else and be the person I need to see. When I’m looking for a therapist I’m looking for someone that I can connect with, feel safe with and trust. I want someone who has a great website that draws me in and makes me feel understood.

A lot of therapists put words on a page without thinking about what it looks like or how it sounds. It’s fine to list your accomplishments on your “about me” page, but I want to know what it is about you that can help me.

When it comes down to it, I care about how you present yourself and I care whether or not you’re attracting the right clients. I just care about you and your practice, period. And it shows.

Learn More About This Mental Health Copywriter

I love writing for therapists, and I’d love to write for you. If you value your time, you should hire a copywriter to take the writing off your plate. If you value your clients, you should hire a copywriter who cares about them and understands their pain points. If you value your copywriter, you should hire someone you can have a good working relationship with.
In essence, you should hire me. To find out if we’d be a good fit, schedule a Zoom call and let’s talk about your goals and dreams for your business and copywriting needs. Happy writing!

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