Make the Most of Your Relationship With Your Clients During the Holiday Season

You put a lot of time and care into building a therapeutic relationship with your clients. You understand them and their struggles. They know what to expect from you because you’ve set clear boundaries.

But what about your online communication with your clients? What are you doing to further that therapeutic relationship?

Right now, everyone’s home and online. You’re probably doing therapy online. You’re working from home or your office alone. You don’t necessarily have that face-to-face reciprocity that you have in real life when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic.

And now it’s the holidays. The holidays are hard for a lot of people, but they’re especially hard this year. Your clients are trying to navigate the holidays during the pandemic. This is causing a lot of additional stress. Depression and anxiety rates are rising. Loneliness is creeping in. People are fighting with their families and significant others and roommates more than before.

So what do you do to continue the therapeutic relationship with your clients online for the holidays during the pandemic?

Communication With Your Clients

Now that everyone is online more, they’re consuming more content than ever before. Which means that you want your content in front of their eyeballs. But it’s not just about putting out content, it’s about putting out good content. You want to use your online platform to communicate with your clients and continue to build the therapeutic relationship.

Most of you by now know that I am a big proponent of blogs. They are a great way to build a relationship with your audience. When I’m looking at therapist’s websites, I always check to see if they have a blog. I want to know what they’re thinking about, what they’re all about, and what their values are.

Blogs are also a great marketing tool and help Google searches find you. You want this because everyone finds everything on Google these days. Blogs don’t just help you maintain a therapeutic relationship with your clients online, they help potential clients find you.

Another way to use marketing techniques to communicate with your clients is through emails and newsletters. Automated email sequences build relationships with potential clients. Newsletters and regular emails maintain those relationships.

You can provide a lot of information to your clients through emails and newsletters. Use that power for good. Build that therapeutic relationship through the screen. You’ll be amazed at what smart marketing can do for client relationship-building.

The Holidays Are Hard- Use Your Online Presence to Help Your Clients

The holidays are hard for many people. This year they’ll be especially difficult due to the global pandemic. Many people won’t be able to get together with family and friends. A lot of people have lost loved ones to COVID-19. Many of those people didn’t get to be with their loved ones when they died.

Navigating the holidays during the pandemic is difficult for other reasons, too. Many people are out of work. Money is tighter than usual. Businesses have had to close or lay off people. Families are on stricter budgets, which means Santa may not be able to bring as many toys this year as in the past.

Whatever the struggle, the holidays are hard for many people, especially during the pandemic. You know this. You’ve been working through these struggles with your clients. But what can you do outside of the therapy session?

You can use your online platform to provide resources to your clients. Continue the therapeutic relationship with your clients online. Keep the conversation going through your blogs. Reach into their homes through emails and send reassurance and guidance. Let them know you are there for them.

Holidays During the Pandemic- How Can You Help?

This is an unprecedented time. None of us have lived through a global pandemic before. This year, for the first time, people are navigating the holidays during a pandemic. In winter, a time of year that is typically difficult for many people and riddled with increased depression.

Because the holidays are hard for a lot of people, they’re going to be even harder this year. How are showing up for your clients?

Some of my clients are choosing to write blogs about grief and loss or self-care during the holidays. I’ve written newsletters that give examples of how to make the holidays special despite the pandemic. Clients are writing emails that speak to their clients’ pain points.

All of these types of online communication with your clients is made possible by you. These are your ideas that draw on your experience as a compassionate therapist who cares about your clients. Your mental health copywriter simply executes the writing for you so you can tend to the therapeutic relationship with your clients through your usual work.

Taking the Leap

The holidays during a pandemic are hard. Keeping the therapeutic relationship with your clients online doesn’t have to be. But you can’t do it alone. You need to invest in a mental health copywriter who understands your world as well as the world of your clients. 

I’ve been on both sides of the couch and now I write about mental health, so I know my way around the world of therapy. Contact me to set up a free call to talk about how we can support your clients together during this difficult time.

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