Understanding the Worth of a Great Copywriter

When you’re a therapist in private practice, you probably don’t have a very big budget to spend on marketing. You’re trying to do it all yourself. The problem with this is that, while you try your hardest, you don’t have the marketing knowledge to attract new clients and drive traffic to your website or the time to dedicate to online marketing.

This is why you hire a copywriter. I know, it can seem like a lot of money to spend on a website, but it’s worth it. When you write the copy yourself, you’re probably not sure exactly what to write and who you’re writing for.

Copywriters are knowledgable about these things and write copy that sells for a living.

I also just said a word that probably made you cringe- that little word “sells.” As a therapist, you don’t want to think about marketing or selling your services, but as a small business, you have to think about those things.

The thing about copywriting is that most copy, especially websites and blogs, play the long game. They are written in a way that tells Google to rank them higher in a search. Copywriters know how to use keywords and phrases that will get you to move up in a Google search and make you easier to find by potential clients.

Have you ever tried to Google yourself? You should. Don’t just Google your name, Google things like “trauma therapist in Los Angeles” if that’s what you do and where you live or “dance/movement therapy and eating disorders.” These types of searches are using what are called long-tail keywords to find you, and your copywriter knows how to use those long-tail keywords in your copy to get Google’s attention.

Investing in a copywriter for therapists is worth it for several reasons

The first reason is that hiring a copywriter gives you your time back. It allows you to focus your attention on yourself and your clients. You can have a better work-life balance as well and more bandwidth to give to your clients if you’re not worried about writing weekly blogs or monthly newsletters.

The second reason is that copywriters write copy that gets people to do things. Everything you have on your website, your blog, your newsletter, etc. should have a call to action. You want people to engage with your website, sign up for your email list, and, most importantly, book a session. You want writing that has a hook.

The third reason that hiring a copywriter for therapists is worth the investment is that, unlike paid ads, pieces of copy that are well-optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) are working to market you 24/7. With a paid ad, you have to keep paying for ads to make it worth your while. SEO-optimized copy is something you only pay for once and it keeps working. It may take a little while to get you to page one of Google, but it’s always working because Google is always crawling pages.

But I LIKE writing- why should I hand it over to a copywriter?

As wonderful a writer as you may be, you may not have the tools and knowledge to write compelling copy. Your writing may be interesting to read and fun for you to write, but you may not know how to optimize it for marketing purposes.

Copywriters don’t just write content that informs, they write copy that converts. If you’re simply writing content, you’re not doing yourself a favor when it comes to marketing your business. Copywriters know how to write copy that informs and converts.

Hiring a copywriter who writes for therapists means putting trust in another person to write for you, and that can be scary. I get it. But if you hire the right copywriter, you’re putting yourself in the hands of someone who cares about your business and wants to make sure you’re optimizing your writing.

Why are copywriters so expensive?

When you pay for a copywriter, you’re paying for good quality writing, but you’re also paying for time spent researching and writing pieces for you. You’re paying for expertise in SEO and marketing skills. And you’re paying for copy that will live on your website forever.

Because a piece of well-optimized copy can live on the internet forever, it’s working around the clock to market your business. You pay your copywriter once for something that never stops working for you.

This is why copywriting is an investment worth making.

And you don’t want to buy the cheapest copywriter out there. If they’re charging you $50 a blog, they’re either WAY underselling themselves or they’re not worth the investment, even one that sounds cheap. If you hire a copywriter that charges at least three times that, you can bet that they know what they’re worth and are charging you according to their skill set. And if you hire a copywriter who writes for therapists, you’re hiring someone who knows exactly how to write about what you want to write about.

Invest in a copywriter who knows how to write for therapists

This is a big one. You want to make sure that you’re hiring a copywriter who understands the world of therapy. Ideally, you want to hire someone like me who IS a therapist. I may not know everything about the work that you do, but I speak your language and have a clinical background. I bring that knowledge to my writing.

When you invest in a copywriter, you’re investing in someone who is going to generate copy that builds trust and authority with your audience. This is what converts skimmers to readers to clients.

Feeling ready to take the plunge? Send me an email at allielinnwrites@gmail.com or fill out the contact page on my website to set up a free phone consultation. We’ll discuss how I can help fulfill your copywriting needs and you’ll learn why I’m worth what I charge. Talk soon!

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