What Do I Do as a Copywriter for Therapists?

Many times when I tell people I’m a copywriter they tilt their heads and ask “what does that mean?”

Often, people think I’m talking about the legal protection of the written word (“copyright”). They get even more confused when I tell them I write for therapists.

So I wanted to explain what exactly a copywriter does and why you should hire me to do it for you.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is writing to get people to act. Trying to sell a product? Write a sales ad. Want to get people to sign up for an email list? Write an opt-in with a free checklist or e-book to get them hooked. Want to connect with potential clients? Write an email sequence. Keeping clients engaged and building a relationship? Create a newsletter and a blog.

There are lots of different forms of copy. Some of these include but are not limited to, website copy, blogs, newsletters, email sequences, opt-ins, white pages, landing pages, and sales pages. To learn more about the different types of copy you could be using as a therapist check out my last blog.

Why should I hire a copywriter?

Copywriters are knowledgable about marketing tactics. They don’t just write content to inform, they write content to get people to buy your product or sign up for your services.

They also know a great deal about search engine optimization (SEO), the magic words in the world of copywriting and marketing. Essentially, SEO is what ranks you higher in a Google search.

If your copywriter knows what they’re doing, they can write your website copy and blogs in a way that can bump you to page one in a couple of months.

SEO is a long game, so it can take time and is less instantly satisfying than a paid ad, but with a piece of SEO-optimized copy you can be marketing 24/7 and only have to pay for it once, unlike paid ads. To learn more about the long game of SEO and why it matters to you check out this blog.

So what can a copywriter do for me?

As a busy therapist in private practice, you don’t have time to be worrying about writing website copy, weekly blogs, or monthly newsletters. You want to focus your time on being there for your clients and also being there for yourself.

This last one is super important. You help your clients find balance in their lives, juggling families and jobs and hobbies, but are you filling up your own cup? If you could get back some time in your day to focus on self-care, wouldn’t you want that? That’s what hiring a copywriter can do for you.

As a therapist myself, I understand how long and grueling your days can be, seeing client after client and trying to find time to write notes, take a breath, go to the bathroom, and make some coffee. Maybe you’ve already figured out the magic equation to do all these things without burning out, but even so, you don’t want to add extra stress, work and time to your routine.

I’m a writer, why should I hire a copywriter?

I address this on my website’s FAQ page. The main reason you want to hire a copywriter is that copywriting uses a different skill set than other types of writing. You may be a wonderful author, but a copywriter is a marketer at heart.

You may write lovely copy, but if you hire a copywriter they can work with you to create the piece of copy of your dreams.

Also, if you offload the writing onto your copywriter, you’re buying yourself time.

How do I work with my copywriter?

Everyone is different, but personally I like to get to know my clients a bit before diving in. We’ll do a discovery call to talk about your goals, who your ideal client is, who inspires you, why you want to hire a copywriter and how I can help you. Then we’ll do a paid test project.

The test project is important because it tells us whether or not we’re a good fit. I’ve worked with people who, at the end of the test project, for one reason or another, we realized we weren’t right for each other, and that’s ok.

The reason you should hire me is that I’m also a therapist. I understand the jargon and I know how to write it in lamen’s terms. I know the ins and outs of therapy and understand the clinical side of what you do. I do the research, but I already have a base knowledge of what I’m writing about.

After the test project, if we decide to move forward, we’ll talk about what your needs are and come up with a payment plan that makes sense. If you’re going to hire me to write four blogs and a newsletter every month, for example, we’ll do a bundle, you’ll get a discount, and we’ll sign a contract for a monthly retainer.

For one-off projects and test projects, I bill 50% upfront and the other 50% is due upon submission of the first draft. Retainers are due at the beginning of the month. I make it easy for you to pay me by sending you an invoice that you can pay by credit card right through the invoice. My goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Once we’ve gotten through all that, then it’s time to write. This next step is an important one because some people get confused. Usually I submit the first draft, you do a round of edits, and then I submit the final product. I’ve done a second round of edits free of charge on occasions when we weren’t happy with the first round, but generally that’s how it works.

The key is that the first submission is a first draft, and not the final product. Copywriters aren’t mindreaders, and it’s impossible to capture every word perfectly the first time, especially if it’s our first time working together.

I mention this because I’ve had some clients get upset when the first draft isn’t what they imagined, and they’ve dropped me. It happens to everyone, but it certainly doesn’t feel good to either of us. The client isn’t happy and I’m certainly not happy. So it’s important to manage expectations.

Ideally, there’s a good stream of communication between you and me during this process. After our discovery call we may talk again to flesh out some details and make sure I’m creating the copy you want. I’ve had great success with clients who make themselves available by email or phone, and I am always willing to have a conversation to make sure you are happy.

Ok, I understand what a copywriter does now. So what’s next?

Well, you can send me an email at allielinnwrites@gmail.com or go to the contact page on my website to set up a free 15-minute consultation call. If I haven’t answered your questions in this post, you can reach out and ask me anything you’d like about copywriting and my work as a copywriter for therapists. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Be well.

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